Romans 1:1

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Romans 1:1

Paul called himself a slave of God, but not because he knew that God was going to mistreat him. He was describing his own chosen relationship with Jesus. A person who willingly gives up his own desires to follow and obey his chosen master.

Paul was “set apart” (perfect middle participle). As a slave, yes, but set apart FROM what? From a murderous lifestyle of a person who killed believers? From a normal lifestyle as a believer? In Acts 9:16 he was informed that he was going to have to suffer lots for the name of Jesus. The Perfect tense indicates the permanence of this situation. Does the “middle” indicate Paul’s part in his choice to suffer for Jesus? The participle indicates an on-going situation.

This raises the question as to how much believers should attempt to live like Paul lived. Total commitment to follow and obey Jesus, yes. But is everyone called in the same way that Paul was called? Do we have a choice in how much we have to suffer?

(I love questions.)


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