Our Mission

For over 45 years we have been committed to Outreach, Church Planting and Training in Bible Study/Teaching. We are now positioned to provide conferences and seminars focusing on our core values. We have also founded a publishing company, “Keybobby Books,” to put our ministry in print. You can discover what we are writing and publishing on this website.

My life (Floyd) has always been a whirlwind of multi-tasking. Settling down in one place made no sense when there were so many possibilities over the next hill. My world encompasses those two existences that most people keep separate: the sacred and the secular. I’ve never distinguished between them. They do not overlap. They are the same thing. There is only one realm of reality. I live in that realm. If you choose to enter my realm, I do not promise a neat and tidy system. I have discovered that Truth cannot be contained in a box that has no paradoxes, and the edges lose too much reality. Some things are extremely clear because of my choice to allow my mind to be challenged by all points of view. I have studied those viewpoints, and I believe that the evidence leads overwhelmingly to my presuppositions. Rejecting violent presuppositions (racism, cannibalism, etc.) that lead to violent actions, I respect and tolerate other viewpoints and presuppositions because the evidence requires that I do so. No one has all the answers, but I believe that I have discovered some of the most important ones. My interests are broad, and I tend to be a fanatic about whatever I’m enthralled with. You are welcome to visit any and all of my multifaceted pursuits. Christine is my wife, and she is the most important imperfect person in my realm to me.

Christine and I established Keybobby Books as our platform for our publications.

If you are unfamiliar with our very short journey together, here it is:

After three years in the Army (1966-69) and serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam (one Army Commendation Medal and four Purple Hearts), I attended a non-accredited Bible College for one year with the intention of moving on to the University of Boulder, CO, to get my PhD in Nuclear Physics. I went to Germany at the end of that school year and ended up returning to that Bible College. I’m glad I did that. I met Christine. During our last year there, we decided to combine our journeys.

We married (1973) and moved to Portland, OR. I attended seminary for five years: MDiv and ThM in Hebrew. We had stumbled into an outstanding local church, Eastgate Bible Church, and after six years in Portland, and the birth of two sons, Erich and Michael, our church released us to go to Austria (1979) for the purpose of engaging the Austrian people in spiritual conversations about God’s Reality.

The outcome of that fifteen year adventure: three very different Bible churches planted, a BS in German Literature for me, a published book, Evangelism for the Faint-Hearted by Monarch in England, and a boatload of close Austrian friends. We shifted gears and moved to Russia. An exciting but difficult time.

In Austria Christine had published her first small book, What Price Sacrifice, a devotional commentary on Malachi. Immediately after our time in Russia, Christine published her two historical novels, In the Shadow of the Cathedral and Hammering at the Doors of Heaven. My book was eventually translated and published in German and Dutch, and Christine’s first novel into German. In Russia I got sick, and we were forced to return to the States. We never made it back to Russia.

From 1999-2006 I taught missions and culture classes at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA. Christine finished her BA at Emmaus.

Then we moved to Spokane, WA, to help a dying church turn around. The Lord modified that goal, and we ended up starting a new church: Sunrise Bible Church, which eventually became Red Bench Bible Church.

During our first year in Spokane, I met Jack Lewis, who motivated me to adjunct at Moody Bible Institute on the Spokane Campus, which had just gotten off the ground. In 2010, Jack asked me to jump on board full-time, which I did. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the faculty and administration in Spokane, and I love being surrounded by students.

Somewhere along the way Christine published three Women’s Bible Studies and a booklet entitled, You Can Read and Understand the Bible. She had held numerous conferences on that subject. She LOVES to teach the Bible. She is a fantastic writer. She loves to write stories just so she can edit them. Who does that? I think she needs counseling.

Christine just received her Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry! Two years! She wrote enough papers to equal almost ten novels. Now that she knows what’s possible, I’m wondering what she’s going to do next!

In 2011, I began a PhD in Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Liberty University. I have to admit that I’ve thoroughly loved the process. I often ask myself how I could have gotten this far along in life and still not know all the things I’ve learned through this program. On Dec. 13, 2017, I passed my dissertation defense and received my PhD. Dr. Schneider still sounds weird.

Now we are both available for speaking engagements, and we both plan on writing and publishing more.

I’ve left a lot out about us, but you can see where we are in life right now by checking the “SPEAKING OPTIONS AND CALENDAR page at the top of the main page on this website.